The Diane Price Real Estate Team’s mission is to redefine our client’s expectations of a Realtor. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the people we SERVE by ensuring they meet their goals while operating ethically and building relationships extending beyond a real estate transaction.

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Diane’s family has lived in Ancaster for more than 50 years, providing her with an intimate knowledge of the region.



Justin has been licensed since 2009. He graduated McMaster University with a degree in Medical Radiation Sciences.

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I have know Diane Price for many years. She first came into my life when we were selling our first home. We were looking for something bigger, something we could stay in for the rest of our lives, something with a great location. We looked at so many houses and it took a long time to find the right one and Diane happily too us to al of them.

A few years later, my life took a personal turn and Diane came into my life at just the right time. She not only became a great friend that I relied on but once again became my real estate agent. Once again we looked at many homes for me until I was finally ready to buy. She labored endlessly for me, from giving me advice regarding owning my own home to much needed personal advice. She knew how much money I needed to get of my current home and she assured me that she could get me more with the way the market was at the time. Sure enough she did exactly that, $40,000.00 above asking price. I was shocked and extremely happy. This meant I could get a beautiful home for myself and my kids and be able to carry it going forward. She had worked tirelessly and endlessly to make it happen.

I would not be sitting here today without the help of this wonderful personal and fantastic real estate agent. I cannot say enough about her! I would and do recommend her to all my friends and family!
– Eileen

I just want to relate the experience I has with my real estate agent on the sale of my home. My agent, Diane Price from Keller Williams Complete Realty Inc., is one true professional. I gave her my listing because she talked to me straight, explained to me what to expect, but more than that she believed in my house when others did not. I know I had neighbors and other agents who did not think I could sell it for what I did, but Diane is one determined young lady and got the job done. You have to be willing to work with your agent and listen to them, they are the expert. I have had bad experiences with past agents but Diane regained my confidence. Not only did she believe in my house, we believed in one another. I consider Diane to be a good friend and if I ever need the services of an agent again, you got it, it would be Diane.

Thank you Diane. You closed the deal!!!


It has been our utmost pleasure in having Diane Price handle the recent sale of our 90 year old mother’s home. We found Diane to be a dynamo, very professional, exuberant, and an absolute go-getter! She was thorough in all aspects and processes and followed every detail with expertise, honesty and integrity. She is to be commended for her sincere understanding of my mother’s feelings and emotional fragility in selling what has been the family home for the past 52 years. Diane was respectful, warm, kind and compassionate, which put my very anxious mother instantly at ease.

The speed in which Diane listed and sold the home was exactly within the quick time frame she set out. She was in touch with us throughout the entire process so we always knew what to expect. We felt in such good hands at all times. I will say that the sale exceeded our expectations – sold well over asking price and in less than one week! Absolutely Amazing!

Another of her admiring and grateful clients referred us to Diane, and we’re so glad they did.

Diane – thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and I speak not only for my mom but also from all of our family, for such a terrific job. I would be honored to provide a reference should you ever require one and will gladly and without hesitation share your contact information so others may have the same wonderful experience of your excellent services as we did!

Thank you so very much.

With Highest Regards,

-Penny & Dorathy

As a real estate agent Diane Price always maintained a very strong business/work ethic and went the extra mile to do whatever she felt she needed to do to set my mind at ease. During the period we spent working on the sale and purchase she was not only, an exceptional agent, was always there at the drop of a hat but she also became a valued friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family. She’s a real go-getter.

– Kathy

Dear Diane,

I would like to thank you for the huge positive impact you have made on my life for now and for the future through your work in selling my house and through the purchase of my new house. There is not a day that goes by where I do not think of you with appreciation. I realize that you helped create a form of miracle that has improved the quality of my life in so many facets.

I had been impressed with your diligent contact with me over the past five years. It was a pleasure meeting you through your oldest son’s participation in the Dominican Republic Service Mission. You impressed me by your enthusiasm, energy, kindness and help with our fundraising. I guess I remember you most because you went out of your way to take me to the airport and you also drove me home after the two week experience. I thought of you when you sent me yearly calendars. It was by chance that you had sent me an email this past summer about some event. I thank you for being there when I finally had enough courage to list my house, knowing that it was not the easiest house to sell, to put it mildly. Through the challenge of selling my house, you always made me feel like I received all your attention, energy and focus; even though I do realize that you work with so many people during extremely long hours. You always answered my phone calls and emails immediately. Since I do not have a cell phone, I know that setting up the showings was a challenge, but you found a way. You became friends with the two secretaries at my workplace and you taught them how to deliver messages to me.

I thank you for your effective ways of advertising my difficult sell. There were several showings and you provided me with useful feedback after each one. You were always honest and I always trusted you as my advocate. It was a true miracle to sell my house after only five weeks in a fall season where very little moves. With your help, I got the price I needed to buy the house in Ancaster that you had put on hold for me with a conditional offer. You helped me in getting the best service and price with the lawyer, the movers, the inspection and the new appliances I needed. You were there to help with anything and everything I needed. You became my true friend. Thank you for still maintaining contact with me to help me get handymen and anything else. How do you have so many connections?

Diane, it was challenging for me to be a single mom in a house I wanted out of. I didn’t think it was possible for me to live in the town of my dreams, either. You helped make it come true. You are the key to the new chapter of my life. I will always remember you.



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